This site exposes corrupt Milwaukee lawyers and counters false information publicized and promoted for years by them. The blog here describes unethical, illegal lawyer activities in detail, including the astonishing misuse of Interpol, the international policing agency. This effort to distract from lawyer misconduct failed following an investigation by Interpol that revealed the provision of intentionally false information. The irony is that countries such as China and Russia have been accused of misusing Interpol to silence dissidents. I am an unknown author. What merited the attempt to invoke Interpol in my case? Perhaps what I exposed and assigned to named lawyers was not an isolated case. Perhaps there are issues that go far deeper, causing the anxiety that results from the gap between what is proclaimed to the public and what is actually practiced.

Mark Inglin is the father of an abused child whose condition was intentionally concealed by lawyers while the abuser was protected. The intent of Milwaukee lawyers is to discredit the exposure of lawyer misconduct as described specifically on this blog and in three books: In the Place of Truth, Beyond Outrage, and Lawyers Broken Bad.