Milwaukee Prosecutor Matestic Lied to a Jury.

The following story has been ignored for years by Milwaukee media. It exemplifies legal system corruption and the reticence by media to offend local lawyers. The extent of the cover-up (Interpol was misused by the U.S. government to conceal wrongdoing by Milwaukee lawyers), merits it disclosure as a blog on China platform Zhihu. (see link below)

Prosecutor Fred Matestic and defence lawyer Martin Kohler teamed up to deliver a one-two punch to an abused child and an innocent defendant. The defendant had struggled for years to protect his severely abused son. When a case involving affirmative defence to the accusation of abuse arose, Judge David Hansher instructed Kohler to ensure a plea bargain. The defendant was to claim no abuse had occurred, thus avoiding a messy trial. (A plea bargain would conceal earlier negligence by colleagues.)

With Hansher’s permission, Kohler embarked on 18 months of intense client coercion. Kohler claimed the title of Milwaukee “plea bargain specialist.” He engaged in deceit and threats of further harm to the child if the father refused the plea bargain. But that bargain was no bargain; it would have sent the child back to his abuser, who, among other things, had been forcing the child’s head under water (“Cigarette burns show scars.”).

The father refused the plea bargain.


In anger and as revenge, Kohler refused to present the extensive evidence of abuse and the father’s efforts to stop the abuse, including doctors and the legal system.

Kohler had also refused to provide a witness list for the defence to the court in time for their appearance. At the last moment before trial Kohler again counted on forcing the plea bargain. He threatened the father with five years in the Waupon Correctional institute. That ploy also failed. The trial went forward without defence evidence and without defence witnesses.

In concert, Kohler and Matestic claimed there had never been evidence of or complaints of abuse: the father was therefore cast as mentally ill and delusional. Matestic effectively invoked that very argument for the jury: “Where is his evidence? Where is ANY evidence? Where are his witnesses?”

How could the jury not have convicted under such circumstances? The father was found guilty of interference with child custody, characterised as mentally ill, as fantasising and dangerous.

Extensive mental health reports ordered by the court, carried out by Dr. K. Diamond and Dr. I. Matusiak plus a third, independent psychologist, revealed no negative mental health issues at all, no requirement for medication and no counselling needed. Indeed, one report, by Diamond, suggested that the father had been truthful in all regards and was not delusions, but had made considerable efforts to save his child.

The clean mental heath reports represented a threat to Kohler, Hansher and Matusiak. The rigged trial depended on blaming the defendant. The reports were subsequently fraudulently altered to state the opposite of the original reports and submitted as official in court records.

The probation officer involved, Cordell Wilson, was informed by one of the psychologists that the mental health reports had been altered in Milwaukee, and were fraudulent. To protect Hansher, Kohler and Matestic, however, Wilson refused to act, and again threatened the father with prison.

Denied the right to see my son until 18 years of age by Judge Hansher, and fed up with corruption in the Milwaukee legal system (an appeal by Steve Glynn concealed what happened at the trial), I left to live in Switzerland, where I wrote a book and essays exposing the legal system corruption in Milwaukee (Beyond Outrage;; blog

After publication of Beyond Outrage, someone persuaded the U.S. government to contact Interpol, the International Police Organisation. The contrived complaint claimed that I, the father of the abused child, was “armed and dangerous” and “mentally ill.” I provided evidence to Interpol that lawyers and media in Milwaukee had refused to expose. Finally, after their own investigation, Interpol sent the attached letter. (see Interpol letter on blog.)

Milwaukee lawyers also spread misinformation in the internet to discredit me. Following the Interpol investigation Google agreed to remove deliberately false information provided by Milwaukee lawyers.

I have continued to expose Milwaukee legal system corruption in essays, a blog ( and several books, including Lawyers Broken Bad (

The citizens of Milwaukee were badly served by a corrupt defence lawyer, a corrupt judge, and a corrupt prosecutor… and also by media that let them get away with it, fearful of offending those who had power and the potential to cut off future sourcing, accurate or not, required to keep stories flowing.

Now, the people in China can read the story of corruption that Milwaukee media refused to expose. A blog is informing Chinese citizens about corruption in Milwaukee.
(Link: utm_source=wechat_session&utm_medium=social&s_r=0)

Criminals are defined as people who violate law. Serious criminals commit serious crimes. Such include concealing severe child abuse and obstructing justice. Fred Matestic, Martin Kohler and David Hansher are criminals. They have, to date, been able to intimidate and thereby conceal their crimes. Probation Officer Cordell Wilson deliberately helped them. (see blog entry.)

As any good prosecutor will gladly state: Criminals must be brought to justice and exposed.” The problem arises when the criminals are a lawyer … a judge … and a prosecutor.






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