China has long been accused by the United States of abusing Interpol’s Red Notice System to arrest its own citizens. The claimed abuses relate to the issuance of arrest warrants – for dissidents for example – based on grounds purportedly dubious.

Interestingly, corrupt lawyers in Milwaukee were able to leverage false information in order to achieve exactly what China is accused of.

This blog goes into detail otherwhere on the case under discussion here, but to summarise: Milwaukee lawyers banded together to stop the exposure of a rigged trial that had excluded witnesses and evidence. The efforts at concealment included the falsification of court ordered mental health reports. These served to undermine the credibility of the author who published booklets and a book that exposed the corruption. (; later:

Interpol, the international policing agency, received information from Milwaukee lawyers that led to their issuing a Red Notice for the author. The claim included a number of falsehoods/fabrications, but most importantly led Interpol to understand that the author was “mentally ill” and “armed and dangerous.”

The false information presented by lawyers to Interpol served the same purpose as – the United States government has claimed – Red Notice abuse by China. It created hardship for a critic, but not a critic of the USA, instead a critic of corrupt Milwaukee lawyers! The question arises: Where was the national interest in this Interpol related action?

Interpol undertook an investigation of the claims made, saw they were was bogus, and removed the false information from their files. Their letter to the author, verifying the removal of information provided by the U.S. government, is on this blog.

It would seem that the motivation for the issuance of a Red Notice by Interpol would include serious national interests. In the case of China, presumably their interest would theoretically be in silencing dissidents, as claimed by certain spokespeople for the U.S. government. But in this case there was certainly no national interest. A local author exposed local legal system corruption. Yet the false complaint made its way through the U.S. and on to Interpol. What can explain this?

Apparently, preventing the exposure of corrupt lawyers and their methods for rigging a trial, including how to keep Blacks from serving on a jury, constituted a national interest. This should be not just surprising but shocking … that someone in a position with influence over Interpol reporting considered the information exposing the corruption, as published, of such grave concern, disproportionate to any legitimate interest, let alone at the federal level.

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