Mark Inglin is a biomedical scientist, a translator and an author. Current work is as an editor/proofer at a medical college. He has lectured at both the University of Wisconsin and the University of Basel, Switzerland, gaining outstanding evaluations as an instructor and as a research paper editor/proofer.

But in recent years Inglin has also been dogged by false, vicious accusations on social media. These include being “armed and dangerous.” Naturally, readers can be confused and frightened. This site has been created to confront and to expose corrupt lawyers in Milwaukee, WI., the origins of the false information.

Inglin has authored numerous essays and three books that expose corruption in the legal system: In the Place of Truth, Beyond-Outrage and Lawyers Broken Bad. The information presented to the public on unethical and illegal lawyer activities has made Inglin a target of an effective smear campaign. The blog here helps explain how criminal defense lawyers betray clients and conceal the misconduct. Comments are welcome.